In the production of frames the fundamental choices for higher quality are based on the choice of wood -core as the basis for the whole body of the frame.

This ensures:

• lighter articles (on average 40% less than those of other competitors.);

• high mechanical strength to support the hinges

• elasticity and flexibility of the wood.

Use of thin MDF (maximum thickness 4mm) on the entire perimeter of the profile to obtain the maximum precision.
Are being implemented innovative projects without the use of MDF, with the ability to create unique products, on request, for frames of the highest quality.


In the production of the architrave, Falerlegno differs from most of the actors on the market for their unique construction techniques.

Folding system for folding of the flaps and the shield, to ensure high mechanical strength in the most critical points in the assembly phase.

Honey comb doors

Ability to design and customization of the honeycomb for certain volume.
All Honey comb doors can be made with classic or flat edge, edged with rolled edges or abs .
The panels can be filled with honeycomb , polystyrene, chipboard with holes or filled chipboard, but only for certain volume.
The doors can be made in standard and custom sizes.
The company is equipped for application of laminate or Alkorcell products with calender.

Other honey-comb panels

Falerpannelli is able to produce panels also for other types of products, since the honey-comb panel for its features of lightness, strength and resistance is particularly suitable for making furniture, exibition-stands and showrooms, facilitating the practices of assembly and disassembly.

We can provide special measures, upon request, supply raw or dignified and appropriate solution to each customer’s requirements in terms of customization, sizes, woods and finishes.