Falerpannelli is a company that was founded thirty years ago with experience in the field of honeycomb panels. It operates on an area of ​​10,000 square meters and now boasts a very high level of know-how thanks to the acquisition of major assets of the industry , which enable it to present itself as leader company in Italy and in Europe. Falerpannelli Designs, develops and manufactures high technology products, choosing advanced materials, lightweight, durable and elegant design.

Each product is made ​​following careful design methodologies and industrialization, in order to ensure a high quality and a long life of all its mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics.
Each piece of the production Falerpannelli therefore boasts an enormous innovative and sustainable content, making it perfect for any location, both for small than for large distributions artisans.
Falerlegno with the creation of Falerpannelli is able to offer a complete product, for the sector of interior doors and therefore satisfy any requirement of the final customer.