Since 1977 Falerlegno works in the field of wood profiles gaining a unique experience in its field in Europe.
The company is a recognized industry excellence, stands between the best Italian companies from a prestigious publication ‘Economic yearbook of Italy 2012/2013′, the real ‘Made in Italy’ for quality and design.
For the high quality of the materials and equipment they use, the products created are characterized by highly innovatiation , which originates from a time perspective always looking for technologically advanced AND intelligent solutions.

Falerlegno is the ideal partner for those looking only reliable quality products and services that ensure long-lasting results.
Our clients range goes from the craftsman to large industry, thanks to the potential of advanced manufacturing facilities, spread over 22,000 square meters.
Since October 2012, the Falerlegno did create Falerpannelli srl, buying historical company in Pesaro and riconverting it according to the standards and characteristics of the mother house.